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Understanding Private Collection of Overdue Taxes

Do you owe taxes to the IRS? If so, it’s possible you may hear from a private collection firm regarding your debt. The IRS will sometimes assign an individual or business account to a private collection firm to assist in recovering unpaid taxes. As a result, you may receive calls…
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The IRS is Calling Me…Is It Real or a Scam?

Have you or someone you know received an unexpected call from the IRS? Did they demand you pay a tax debt immediately? When this happens, it’s a scam. Just hang up. In fact, this is a very common scam that has tricked Americans out of over 23 million dollars. It…
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Should I File a Tax Return If I Can’t Pay My Taxes?

Finished your tax return and realized you owe money? Is it more than you can afford to pay right now? Are you thinking about not filing your tax return to avoid paying the taxes? Don’t.  You still need to file your tax return even if you can’t pay the entire…
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I Got An IRS Audit By Mail…Now What?

That feeling of opening a letter from the IRS to find out you’re being audited…can you really describe it? Terrified? Angry? Confused? Overwhelmed? Like the world is turning against you? It may be a combination of all these things. Rest assured, you are not alone. The IRS audits many people…
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